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Bilateral Breathing? Yes and No

Bilateral breathing is a freestyle term made popular in swimming circles by Total Immersion, but the idea is much older.  Pure bilateral breathing is when you breath every third stroke (one arm pull equals one stroke), causing you to breath on alternating sides (left then right, then left again). Let’s look at the benefits, unfortunate…

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Race Pace Training

  Race Pace Training or RPT has gathered a lot of attention over the last few years.  But what does that mean and does it work? Let’s start with the first question.  Race Pace Training focuses your training on swimming your target race distance at your race pace.  It helps swimmers learn how to execute…

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Butterfly vs Butterstruggle

  Let me start with a rule I want you to remember.  Don’t do butterfly wrong!  This common-sense rule is violated on a daily basis in the sport. Many swimmers can do butterfly correctly for a limited amount of time.  For some that is three strokes, for others it’s 25 or 50 yards. For a…

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