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Olympic Size Deception

Have you ever noticed advertisements for places that have an Olympic-size pool? I’ve seen this as part of the ad for community pools, schools, and even the occasional hotel ad. It sounds good, until you discover that to pool is only 25 yards, or even shorter. I want to say something to those organizations: An…

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Connect the Dots to Swim Faster

Connection is an important concept for swimming faster, but not often discussed. Simply put connection is all of the motions in a stroke flowing smoothly together to maximize the production and delivery of power to create forward momentum. What does that mean to your stroke? When we develop our stroke mechanics it is common to…

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Swim Faster Backstroke: Control your Backstroke Breathing

Backstroke it the only one of the four competitive strokes that does not automatically force some level of control on your breathing. The sequence of each stroke provides a built-in moment where your face is in the water creating a regulated breathing pattern. Backstroke’s face out aspect allows for uncontrolled breathing, this I not a…

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