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Best of 2018

Enjoying the Holiday. Coach Pat is off  for the holiday, we are rerunning her favorite blog of 2018. If your read only one blog for the year this is the one she would want you to see. Our blog will return in January. Compressing the Middle Read about swimming ( and exercise) keeps you from…

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12 Days of Christmas Workouts

Twleve Days of Christmas workouts are popular, but harder to write than you think. It takes multiple drafts to get the right amount of yardage and work without killing the audience. Here are two versions of 12 days of Christmas swim workouts: The first is a combined swim and dryland workout and is meant to…

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Training Multiple Strokes

Even if you are a triathlete who competes only in freestyle, it is important to train more than one stroke.  Swimming, is the perfect example of a repetitive motion activity.  Even a sprinter, who in general, does fewer overall yards than other freestylers, does thousands of shoulder rotations in their career. It is important to…

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