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Winding Wednesday Workouts

Each day the Swim Stroke Tools Training Center publishes nine new workouts. These workouts are broken into 2000, 3000, and 4000 yards or meters, with three specialties (free, IM, and sprint). The workouts are structured and offer a great workout!  But, I admit I like to break it up with a more winding workout…

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Swim Camps: not just for kids!

Swim camps as an age grouper are both fun and effective for helping develop young swimmers. If you missed out on this experience as a kid or want to relive the great time you had at camp as a youth, swim camps are master friendly.  Over the years many quality swim camps have come up…

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New Year’s Resolutions, how to make sure you succeed

For decades I have watched new individual’s show up at the pool where I coach ready to include exercise in their lives as part of a new year’s resolution. I am always rooting for these individuals and offer my support. After watching more fail then succeed I would like to offer the following thoughts to…

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