Breaststroke Glide

There are opposing opinions out there on the glide phase of the breaststroke. One camp will tell you glide longer while others are telling you that gliding longer slows you down.  I’d like to weigh in with some common-sense advice for your breaststroke.

The first thing I want you to remember is that breaststroke has more successful variations than every other stroke combined. If we were made of steel, and off a press with the same build, the variations would go away, but, fortunately, we are not off of a press. Your personal, most successful breaststroke is based on variations such as flexibility, leg strength, leg explosiveness, upper body strength, and the effectiveness of your dolphin.  Those are just a few of the big hitters.

Keeping that in mind, I offer the following comments:

  • Neither camp is all right or all wrong.
  • You have to find what works for you.
  • Expand–Regardless of your glide time you must finish your kick.
  • Expand–The amount of glide will change based on the distance you are swimming. (more glide for longer distances)

As you experiment with your glide length remember to never allow your forward speed to decelerate so that you are slower than the speed you are traveling during the pull phase of your stroke.

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