Breaststroke Timing

There are two common timings used for breaststroke. One correct, the other, not so much. The two big mistakes are:

  • Breathing at the end of the pull instead of first
  • Stopping the arms at the body instead of up front in the streamline.

These two problems generally go together and lead to a slower breast and at the extreme they can lead to disqualifications.

You can know if you have a stroke timing issue by trying the following experiment. Look at the photo, you must get to this position (arms out front and body streamlined) with every stroke and hold.

If you cannot do this you have a timing issue.

It is important to get back to a streamline with each stroke

The breaststroke timing video will demonstrate this common error, a simple provide a drill that will reverse your timing and provide a demonstration of the correct timing.

Breaststroke Timing Video


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