Coaching Center

Welcome to the coaching center.  There are a large number of swimming videos available on the internet.  Some are great, others not so much.  Still others were good when they were created but six and eight years later they remain out there, and have not been updated to match today’s swimming.  I have scrubbed the internet for the best in each category. I have brought together a curated collection of coaching videos that met my three criteria:

  • Have at least acceptable production quality (some of them had so much background pool noise you could not hear what was being said by the coach)
  • I felt that I could agree with at least 98% of what they said.
  • The presentation was clear and easily understood.

When I felt it necessary I have added notes to the viewer about the video.  My notes are meant to clear up anything I felt might be confusing or add details that will be helpful to the viewer.

Videos are organized by stroke, inside each stroke is then broken down into key learning components. This allows you to view the video you need without searching through dozens that don’t give you what you need. These are great videos, I couldn’t say it better myself… so I didn’t.

One guiding note:  When watching a video presenting on one topic focus your eyes on the element they are discussing.  Every swimmer has their bad habits, and many of these video demonstration swimmers are doing a great job on the topic but often have other areas of their stroke that is less then ideal.

Click below to go to the video index on that topic.


The Coaching Center does not end here.  Look for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, starts, open turns, the physics of swimming.