Common Flip Turn Errors and Corrections Video

This is part two in a three-part series on flip turns. Last week we learned how to do a clean competitive flip turn. You can go back and check out the last week’s blog and the video. Today I will look at the most common errors and how to correct them. Each error is shown and the correct technique discussed in the video “Flip Turns Part II – Common Errors and Corrections” Here is a list of the errors covered. You may not even realize you are making some of these errors, so I recommend reading the short list below and then checking in on your own flip next time you are in the pool.

 Tuck and roll: Many beginners see a flip and think it is a tuck and turn and try to bring their knees to their chest. This creates a critical error, slowing your flip and increasing the amount of effort it takes. Pulling your legs to your chest actually creates a momentum in the direction opposite of the flip.

Opening up the hips: After you have bent the body into the pike you want to maintain that position when you bend the knees to bring the heels over. Don’t open up at the waist, your legs will not have enough bend to allow you to get a strong push-off. Staying bent will leave you positioned for a strong push off.

Rolling over too early: This error comes in two common formats,

  • As you finish the flip you should be fully on your back. Don’t start rolling while your legs are coming out of the water and the heels are moving to the wall.
  • Don’t roll from your back to stomach before you push off. You will spend time not moving forward and you will tend to drift away from the wall getting a weak push-off.

Lifting the Head: Lifting your head out of the water and looking at the wall will slow you down and put your chin high at the moment you need to be tucking the chin.

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