Drills, Why they can be useless

Drills, they are at the core of teaching swimming, so how could I possibly say the can be useless? Well, they are not always useless, but they can be.  Here are the things to remember to keep your time drilling from becoming useless. When you can’t bring the specific part of the stroke your drill has been working on into the full stroke. All to often I see swimmers doing a drill correctly, to turn around and not be able to do the skill correctly in the full stroke.  To prevent this from happening you need to understand how the part of the stroke you are working on in the drill fits into the full stroke. Occasionally, some drills are so far removed from the skills it would appear in the full stroke as to be difficult to translate.  Make sure you understand how  the drill  translates into the full stroke or provides a progression to a full stroke.

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