Get out of your comfort zone!

Many an athlete falls in to a routine. While not all aspects of a routine is not a bad thing, they can often help us make sure we don’t skip our workout, they can also cause us to get less out of our workouts. Our bodies will adapt to almost anything. Once we have adapted we get less out of the workout.  So, if you are used to swimming the same workout (or very similar workouts) all of the time your return for time spent will decrease. To best train our bodies we need to force ourselves to change up our routine.  Mix in workouts that are very different from what you are used to, do back-to-back sets that you don’t normally like doing together.  I know that I am not a big fan of mixing IM and free together, that is exactly why I need to do it.  Once I find workouts that I don’t think I do well, I try to ensure they are a part of my mix so I improve in my weakest areas.

So, make sure you are changing up your routine.  Add in elements that you know you don’t like, or are not comfortable with as part of your workout.

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