Is Splashing Around a Sport?

There is a new wave in the pool, it is coming from some new sports at the pool. The first is Splashdiving. This newest entry into the world of the pool is judged on making the biggest splash and the twisting and turning you do in the air to add pizazz. The sport has already developed 13 different entries, each designed to make maximum splash.

The second new event is Blobbing. In blobbing one or two people jump from a height onto a very overgrown air mattress.  Already on the mattress is our blobber.  As the two jumpers impact the air mattress, they launch the blobber high into the air.  Top blobbers then perform aerial acrobatics. For a great look at blobbing check out this YouTube Video.

Splashdiving and Blobbing are fun to watch, potentially painful to the participant, but are they worthy of the term “sport”.  Who cares, watch or try and have fun.

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