Kicking with Fins

I recently read a nice little article on not feeling guilty for kicking with fins.  It is not that I disagree with the author, he mentioned benefits from making you work harder to fun, to mention just two of his benefits for kicking with fins. It’s just that I feel like I need to pick up where he leaves off, the dark side of kicking with fins.

Don’t get me wrong, as a coach I include fins work on a regular basis but I want to caution you to not fall into the dark side of fins:

  • The power of the fins makes it easy to get away with poor kick mechanics. Ensure you are keeping your flutter kick small (think the size of your shoe box turned on its side), without lifting the knee from the hip or over bending from the knee.
  • Don’t do all of your kicking with fins. Nothing can completely replace the real thing. Ensure that kicking without fins, and without a board, stays as a regular part of your workouts.

If you can successfully avoid the dark side of fins they are a beneficial and yes, fun tool in your bag of training tricks.

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