Managing Your Workout Schedule

Most adult athletes set their own workout schedule.  Carving out time around work, family, and all the other assorted responsibilities we each have can make it tough to set a schedule. Now matter how difficult it can be setting up a workout schedule it is even tougher to keep.  Life throws us curves, changing meetings, last minute logistics problems, sick kids, weather issues…well that list can go on for pages so I will stop there. These cause us to miss workouts, not to mention that in addition to outside factors there is always the occasional lack of internal motivation to overcome.

These very real and ever-present issues are why I schedule at least one more workout per week then I intend on doing.  By having one extra (more than one works as well) built in to my week I have the ability to make up for the one loss.  Finding time at the last minute is undependable at best, and lowers the odds of it happening.  Having one extra scheduled gives me a natural window to make it happen and bonus free time if I don’t need the time.

Give it a try, Let me know how this strategy works for you by posting your comments here.

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