New Year’s Resolutions, how to make sure you succeed

For decades I have watched new individual’s show up at the pool where I coach ready to include exercise in their lives as part of a new year’s resolution. I am always rooting for these individuals and offer my support. After watching more fail then succeed I would like to offer the following thoughts to those adding exercise of any kind as part of their 2019 new year’s resolutions.

  • Don’t over do it on your first week: Many try to do more in their first days then is wise, especially the returning athlete. On that first day or two you feel good in the water (gym). Later that day, or the next morning it hits, the muscles are sore, the body aches, and you are sure you can’t do this anymore.You can in fact do it! You just did too much on the first day. The first day back in the pool or gym should NOT hurt. You should actually feel like it was fairly easy. Then build up gradually over weeks. Never increase more than 10% per workout and I recommend plateauing for short periods after a maximum of three days of increased yardage.
  • Find a responsibility partner: Going it alone is always tougher than having another who you are responsible for and to. This person is there to keep you on track and you are there to keep them on track. Work together, even if you don’t workout together for mutual success.
  • Just stop with the excuses and do it. We all have things in our life that we can use as the reason(s) for not working out. Very, very, very few are really the cause of your not working out. Most of them are just the excuse of the week for not prioritizing your workout higher on the list
  • Plan extra workouts into your schedule. If you want to work-out three-days a week plan four on your calendar. This way when you miss one you already have a back up time slot planned.
  • Don’t fool yourself, Keep a log. Simply put a check in you calendar if you worked out. Then at the end of the month look back and see your actual workout rate. Without this it can be easy to fool yourself into thinking you did more than reality.


Just don’t quit starting. If you falter as soon as one-week or as long as six-months in to your new workout program, don’t worry, just start again.  Don’t quit starting, no matter how many times you have to start over.

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