Olympic Size Deception

Have you ever noticed advertisements for places that have an Olympic-size pool? I’ve seen this as part of the ad for community pools, schools, and even the occasional hotel ad. It sounds good, until you discover that to pool is only 25 yards, or even shorter. I want to say something to those organizations: An Olympic-size pool is 50 meters long- not shorter, and not longer. I don’t know how the common practice of calling shorter pools, usually 25 yards long, Olympic-size, but cut it out! I it misleading and not true.

If you’re a swimmer who travels and tries, like I do, to swim while on the road, beware of these mislabeled pools. If you don’t know the pool, there is better than a 50-50 chance that the “Olympic Pool” you thought you were going to simply isn’t one. Before I head to an unknown pool I look for verbiage on their website that tells me the number of lanes and length, but not all websites list this information. Missing that, I look for a picture of the pool one glance tells me if this is a 50-meter pool or a 25 yard/meter pool, or something even shorter.

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