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Resilience at Swimmeets

The dictionary defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  Resilience is an important concept for a successful multi-day meet. When you are training hard your body’s ability to recover between workouts is a key element to your success.  If you go to a three- or four-day meet, but you never train…

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Workout Basics

So, you’re hitting the pool to swim a workout.  Here are some basics concepts I want you to keep in mind when planning your swim: Warm-up: Always tart with a short warm up.  The warm up’s primary intent is to start getting the joints loosened and moving freely. You don’t want to do extensive stretching…

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Warm downs, why I don’t want you to skip them

I could simply tell you the appropriate and true items about muscles and lactic acid, I’m not going to.  Instead I’m going to tell you a story: My dad, a swimmer from the pre-World War II era, competed in the first Master Nationals back when I was a kid.  He swam against swimmers like Johnny…

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