Want Some Free Speed in the Water?

Who wouldn’t want to get some extra speed in the pool with no extra work? Here is one easy way to drop time.  Every time you push off the wall you are able to go faster than you can go from swimming. To hold on to the speed you generated pushing off the wall get into a tight streamline Here are key elements of a good streamline and breakout:

  • Push off depth. You don’t want to be too shallow, the turbulence you created swimming into the wall and turning will slow you down, but don’t be too deep, it may take you too long to get to the surface and you will have lost your speed. (more on this next week).
  • Overlap one hand over the other, from above I should only be able to see one hand
  • Squeeze your arms against your ears. Any gaps between your arms and head will slow you down
  • Now that your arms are in position stretch through your entire body. From fingers to toes, the better the stretch the farther you will be able to hold on to your speed.
  • Now that you are in the best possible body position start kicking. Don’t allow the kick to change your arm and upper body stretched position.

Now that you have a quality streamline check back next week how to transition to a quality breakout (that moment when you take your first stroke).

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