Want to Swim Faster? Read this!

Most of us want to swim faster. Even those among us who don’t complete much, or at all often, still want to swim faster.  Here are the priorities I use to help swimmers swim faster:

  1. First, with no doubt is get efficient stroke mechanics. I often discuss mechanics that help keep you healthy. Health aside, the first limitation on your speed is your stroke mechanics.  If you stroke is not able to deliver your power nothing else will matter.
  2. Get consistent. Your stroke mechanics must be able to remain efficient stroke after stroke, especially when you are tired.
  3. Strengthen your core. Many swimmers think of swimming as shoulder strength, but in reality, an efficient swimmer is creating the power from their core and delivering the power with their arms.
  4. Work on flexibility. Swimmers need a moderate-to-high level of flexibility in their shoulders and ankles. If you do not have the needed flexibility, stretch regularly to improve your flexibility.
  5. Train. Once you have handled the first four you must now train consistently and effectively.

So, there it is, the priorities of swimming faster.

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