What’s in my swim bag

I carry two bags to the pool every day. My “swim” bag and my “gear bag”.  In today’s post I will discuss my swim bag necessities and next week will address my gear bag must haves. I hope these peaks into my bags help you be prepared for your trips to the pool.

Swim suit:  I actually wear my suit to the pool in the morning, but I have an older suit that is in reasonable shape, but has fallen below the threshold for daily use in the dry pocket of my bag.  You never can predict when you will experience suit failure and need a spare.  Keeping it in the dry pocket prevents it from continuing to deteriorate while it lives full time in my bag.

Two caps and two pairs of goggles:  A cap is a must for me (I have long hair), and I always carry a spare. The same goes for goggles, always want to have a spare, in fact I generally carry a third pair as the occasional loaner to a friend.

Shower kit: Getting chlorine off of my skin and hair after every swim is a must. I use D-Chlorin-8 on my hair every time I swim. For my skin, soap is a must to remove the chlorine smell and a favorite skin lotion, with an SPF to keep my skin from getting dry and itchy from chlorine and an imbalanced pH balance. In the lotion department, I think here are many good options, I stick to a fairly inexpensive and dermatologist recommended Oil of Olay with SPF 15.

Hair Finishing: For those of you with dryer hair, try a smoother to help contain the frizzies before blow drying.  I don’t always dry my hair, so I carry the hair clip of choice to put my hair up when I don’t want to deal with the work of drying.

Towel: I am lucky enough to not have to carry towels every day, the pool I swim at provides towels, but you can find a shammy in my bag as a back-up.

Money: I don’t like to carry any noteworthy amount of money, but I try never to be without two dollars. This allows me to buy the snack of choice from the vending machine when I realized I have to run straight out and won’t get home for breakfast (I work-out at 5:30 – 7:00 AM).

Business cards, in a hard, waterproof case:  Not the most obvious item, but you never know when you are going to make a great contact and want to connect.

These are the essentials for every trip to the pool. What do you deem necessary in your bag?  Tell us your must haves below. Next time I will look at the must have items in my gear bag.

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