Workout Basics

So, you’re hitting the pool to swim a workout.  Here are some basics concepts I want you to keep in mind when planning your swim:

  • Warm-up: Always tart with a short warm up.  The warm up’s primary intent is to start getting the joints loosened and moving freely. You don’t want to do extensive stretching before a swim, but a few stretches incorporated into your warm up are a great idea.
  • Preset: After the warm use a preset. A preset is a segue from warm up to your main set, start at warm up pace and build your effort. The end of a preset should be at the same speed or effort level as your main set.
  • Variation: Don’t constantly do the same workout. Your body falls into a rut, doing the same thing is easier on the body. Change it up to maximize the benefit of the time spent.
  • Keep it well rounded: While you don’t need to pull, kick, drill, sprint, distance, or do stroke at every workout, you should not ignore any of these items. Include all of them over the course of time.
  • Work multiple systems: Our body has multiple energy systems, work different systems on different days.
  • Warm-down: while I list this one last (because it comes last in the workout) it comes first for me in priority order. Stopping after a hard workout and climbing out is very hard on the muscles, especially the heart.  Warm-down to avoid injury, reduce soreness, and ensure a healthy exit from the pool

Too much to think about?  Don’t worry, I thought about it for you. Nine new and free workouts are posted on Swim Stroke Tools Training page every day.  Choose from three different distances and three differently specialties.  For shorter or longer workouts, choose the one that most closely matches your preferences and then increase or decrease the main and secondary sets to best match your yardage target.

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